Eid Al-Fitr Botanical Gardens, crowded

Bandung is not only a bustling tourist spot during Eid. It turns out that Bogor is also a bustling tourist spot filled with interesting photo spots. Because this Eid holiday is long, many people take advantage of this moment to vacation with relatives or relatives. Everyone has their own pleasure in choosing a tour. Because doing refreshing not everyone is the same. When traveling, of course you want to do a lot of things. When traveling, you will find many interesting things on the trip to the Eid Al-Fitr Botanical Gardens.

Even though the first day of the Bogor Botanical Gardens was already packed with tourists, even though the tourists were still local residents of Bogor, it still made the Bogor Botanical Gardens feel full. Many people visit the Bogor Botanical Gardens in various places. The reason is that in the Bogor Botanical Gardens there are Sri Gunting lakes, Mexico Park, Palm Park and so on.

Find photo areas and crowded places

History-of-the-holocaust – Visitors to the Bogor Botanical Gardens themselves have good photo spots. For this reason, many people continue to take photos in various places. But much of what you’ll see at the Bogor Botanical Gardens is groups of families joking around by the lake.

Unexpected news came from Bogor, namely on the first day of Eid, the Bogor Botanical Gardens were very crowded. Indeed, the activities of the Bogor Botanical Gardens were deliberately opened, because many people used this opportunity to gather. Of course, it’s not only the Bogor Botanical Gardens that has opened these tourist attractions, there are several of them, such as:

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 Cibodas Botanical Gardens

Cibodas Botanical Gardens is famous for its good mountain views, fresh and cool air in it. Not only will you see the natural scenery, but you will enjoy the food and drink bazaar. Apart from that, there will be interesting programs that will be made by the Cibodas Botanical Gardens such as ornamental plants or Marchindese that will be given from the Cibodas Botanical Gardens.

Purwodadi Botanical Gardens

The charm of the Purwodadi Botanical Gardens can certainly hypnotize you. The air you will breathe will make you forget all the fatigue that exists. In Purwodadi Botanical Gardens there is live music, Zumba exercises and a bazaar. It doesn’t disappoint when you take a walk to the Purwodadi Botanical Gardens this Eid.

Bali Botanical Garden

Warehouse tours with natural beauty must be in Bali. Who doesn’t want to go to Bali. Because the atmosphere is still not too densely populated so that Bali is often visited by foreign tourists. Many interesting events will be presented. such as: bazaar, Food Truck, Balloon Palace, Painting and Merchandise. No need to be afraid of crowding. Enter the Bali Botanical Gardens with an area of ​​​​about 157.5 hectares.

Traveling with family or relatives can visit the botanical gardens. No wonder so many people are doing tours there. Because many take the opportunity to gather and have fun. If you want to choose a tourist destination in the Bogor Botanical Gardens, you can do it online. For lovers of traveling, there is no need to worry. With a sophisticated era, traveling is easy. But make sure the money you have to bring is more than enough. Because the botanical garden also provides it