Sizzling 6 novomatic

Sizzling 6 is a game that is loved by many gamers, both young and old. The presence of the game that has been developed by novomatic has become a primadona game. Games that are easy to win and provide a lot of very large double values ​​that can reach five thousand coins from the results of the games won.

Maybe many think the Sizzling 6 game is the same as the previous game, only the name has been changed. A lot of thinking doesn’t mean it’s true because the novomatic team itself makes games with different versions so that the type of game screen is slightly different. The game which now has 6 reels is the same as the title of the sizzling 6 game. Unlike the previous game which had 5 rolls in the game.

Play comfortably

History-of-the-holocaust – Although somewhat different gamers will also find familiar symbols in the game. There are joker symbols, fruits and others available in the game. An online game that will also give you victory from the formation of symbols. No need to use many ways to be able to win, only 5 ways will bring victory.

If the gamer is a reliable player, of course he will not be surprised by the way the game sizzling 6 is played. No need to be complicated when starting the game, only with internet and money can play satisfied. Seeing sizzling 6 of course you can’t wait to play it. No need to rush to play in a relaxed and comfortable way, you can manage to bring home lots of prizes.

win a lot
classic prima donna game//win a lot

Game symbol

There are many symbols present in the game reels such as: joker, star, number 7, plum, watermelon, plum, cherry, lemon, orange and grape. The joker in the sizzling game is a wild that can replace every symbol that is present on the side of the joker. It’s just that the scatter can’t be replaced by wild because the star is a scatter sign. Scatter that is free to appear anywhere does not follow the rules of the game sizzling.

The rules of the game so that symbols can form values ​​are taken from left to right and diagonal positions. Only stars do not follow the value position. Successfully getting the same star as much as 5 stars will get two hundred coins. Not only stars, there are fruits that will also give you a high score if you manage to make a full screen with fruit and get a value of approximately five thousand five hundred coins that you can get.

Join and play via browser

The chance to win is getting closer. It’s just that the Sizzling 6 game does not provide game bonuses and game jackpots. So you have to be patient in playing the game. Come on, online gambling lovers, join in playing the sizzling 6 game and feel the excitement. Playing games using real money bets will certainly make you enthusiastic.

Set the bet value you want. Play to your heart’s content and have fun. Don’t forget you can also enjoy the card color guessing game. Guess the color and get additional points directly from guessing cards. If luck is still on your side then you will win easily.

If you want to play games, just enter the application, of course, it’s a fast way. But the Sizzling 6 game cannot be downloaded, it can only be played through the browser. This is done so that there is no cheating when playing the sizzling 6 game. Many fresh fruits are waiting and give you a sweet score.